Switzerland is the home for many of the top global cocoa and chocolate suppliers and traders. Our Swiss trading office, Hershey Trading GmbH in Luzern, Switzerland, puts Hershey right at the heart of the cocoa industry and serves all of The Hershey Company’s global cocoa-sourcing needs.

Hershey Trading GmbH works every day to source high-quality cocoa for The Hershey Company and the products we make around the world. Hershey Trading GmbH is also the headquarters for managing Hershey’s cocoa sustainability work through programs such as “Learn to Grow” and the company’s commitment to CocoaAction, an industry-wide cocoa sustainability strategy led by the World Cocoa Foundation.

Great-tasting cocoa is crucial to The Hershey Company’s success, and Hershey Trading GmbH ensures that we are responsibly sourcing the best cocoa for our products.
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